Do you have an active Gmail account?(If not,you need to get one.)

Are you 18 years old?

Do you have a website, blog or YouTube channel?

  • Google Adsense is an advertising program that allows you to run ads on your website, blog, YouTube videos and get paid when visitors click on them.It is free to join.
    Google Adsense pays monthly pay direct deposit if you meet the hundred dollar threshold. If you don’t earn $100 in that month ,you have to wait for the next month .You can run ads on several websites from one Adsense account.You can add to YouTube account ,forums ,website and blog.
    The requirement for YouTube is 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.
    Google can remove your account if you break rules.
    You need traffic to make money ,YouTube is not a get rich quick scheme.


  • Text ads
  • Images ads (graphic ads).
  • Rich media which is interactive and can include video, HTML and flash.
  • Video
  • Animated image
  • Adsense for search which allows you to have a Google search box on your website or blog.


There are other ad programs that you can look into.

  • Media.net is an Adsense competitor that is operated by Bing and Yahoo. It allows you to monetize your content with access to searches from your Bing network. If your traffic is low, I recommend Media.net need to start earning quickly. It is easy to set up. It’s restrictions are adult content, tobacco, alcohol, drugs and other bad niches.Media.net pays for a number of impressions you generate not the clicks like other networks. Advertisers bid for a spot on your site like they do it’s an option. They pay starting from $5 to $20 /1000 views depending on your niche. it pays you after 30 days. The available forms of payment are Payoneer or wire transfer and No PayPal.
  • Monumetric Is a full service is a partner to help you reach your revenue goal. They use pay-per-view revenue model, where each ad impression earns you.It uses header bidding  to help you earn more.Nobody clicks in on your blog. Each impression counts.Monumetric can pay $5 to $15 a day /1000 views. your blog side bar she would be at least 300 pixels wide for that’s where they will put their highest performing ad units.Your blog also has to a Blogger or WordPress website.
  • Mediavine was founded by content creators for content creators. They serve bloggers in every niche.Mediavine requires a minimum of 50,000 sessions on your blog monthly , sessions not page views. If we talk of page views it’s 60,000 and 80,000 per month. They want most of the traffic to come from the US, UK or Canada because they are the highest paying ad markets. With Mediavine you can earn up to $12-$30 /1000 page views depending on the set up, performance, niche in time visitors spend on your site.
  • Propeller ads was founded in 2011.You can end up to $10 per 2000 visitors. Propeller it is easy to get started with publishers can create and paste on their own. They also provide personal account managers. There is no minimum traffic requirements to be monetized. They are with a wide range of payment options such as PayPal,Web money,Skrill,Wire transfer,ePayments and Payoneer. The cons of these is lower revenue for non-English sites, low CPM on the low quality websites, no header bidding like other websites.


Finally , you can monetize the blog, websites or YouTube channel.


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