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Dropshipping Business : Beginner’s Guide.

What is a drop shipping business?

It is a retail fulfillment procedure where the store does not keep the merchandise it sells in stock. A customer buys a product from your store at a retail price. You then transfer the order to your supplier and they ship the product to your customer. A customer lists a product from your store and you charge more than your supplier.

Dropshipping requires less capital and reaps a decent income. A dropshipper does not have to store products to sell and this saves time and money to invest upfront.

Steps to Dropshipping

  • You can select where to list your products for sale. It can be Woo Commerce where you can customize your store or platform like Shopify, AliExpress, Amazon, or eBay.
  • Choose a niche and research the items you want to sell and if there is a demand for them. Select something you are interested in. Go with a niche with low competition and high search product volume or trending items.
  • Secure a partner that you can work with. The supplier you choose can make you or break you.Choose wisely.Choose someone who will fulfill processes adequately .Test their products, test the quality, shipping and make sure they are fast in sending products first before selling them.
  • Create your eCommerce website or start on Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress.
  • Begin listing your items online
  • Collect orders and send them to your supplier.
  • Evaluate and Optimise your site
  • Advertise on social media and make use of Facebook ads.

Dropshipping niches

  • Tech supplies
  • Health
  • Power tools
  • Lifestyle
  • Beauty
  • Fitness

Dropshipping products to sell

  • Useful products e.g face masks, sanitizers, moisturizer, wireless charger
  • Rare to find products
  • Cute products e.g phone covers, jewelry, toys, car embellishments, keychains, pet products
  • earplugs,fitness tracker ,wireless charger,hair,moon lamp,clocks ,clothes,home decor stuff,neck phone holders,stress relief products and so on.

Dropshipping on Shopify

This is one of the most popular platforms for the merchant. Shopify is friendly with solutions that are made for dropshipping. Packed with incredible features that enable you to create and set up your website. It also handles your marketing, payments, and sales for you.


Shopify’s monthly subscription starts at $29 and has no third-party fee. You can sell whatever you like and you will have control over your store. What I like is that you can customize your website and can set up your policy, unlike most platforms. However, you put effort into marketing and SEO investment unlike you do on other platforms.

Best dropshipping suppliers

  • AliExpress (free sign up)
  • Sale Hoo ($67/year)
  • Spocket (free drop shipping subscription )
  • Nordstrom (No fees)
  • Wholesale 2 B ($24/month)
  • ($69/month)
  • Worldwide brands ($249 one time fee)
  • National dropshippers ($19.99/month or $89.88/year)
  • ModeShe (Boutique clothing /No fees)
  • Sparkle in Pink (Baby clothing/No fees)
  • Koehler Home Decor
  • Mega goods ($14.99/month)

Dropshipping on Amazon

Amazon is easy to get started. Apply for an Amazon seller account and be accepted as a dropshipper. You do not need to worry about marketing and SEO. It promotes and drives traffic to your listing. It has a lot of plugins and apps that you can utilize to make things easier for you. Its fees differ by the type of product.

The monthly subscription fee is $39.Commission fees are usually in the 10% to 15% range. It takes 15% of your profit. There is no warehouse cost.

Dropshipping tips

  • When advertising makes sure the ad is attractive.Market via Facebook ads, Seo, newsletters, influencers, social media, and so on
  • Evaluate competition using Google search
  • Check if payments go through properly so orders will not bounce back
  • Keep your prices low. Low prices will induce the customer to buy
  • Don’t sell anything copyrighted
  • Build a relationship with your supplier
  • When setting up a store, invest in a good domain name
  • Get a professional logo, email address
  • Use high-quality photos. Take your pics, shoot videos and illustrate how useful and beautiful it is.
  • Give discounts to build trust
  • Set shipping time expectations to avoid disappointment.Set reasonable shipping dates. Offer free shipping if you can.
  • Prepare yourself for returns. Set a return policy and how you will pay back the customer.Discuss with your supplier about this
  • You have to spend money to make money

To be a dropshipper on Amazon you need to follow rules, failure to do so will lead to the suspension of your store. You have to be aware of terms and conditions and policies at all times. Be accountable for processing and receiving returns. Communicate and focus on your client because Amazon does not focus on building relationships with customers, you have to put in the work. Always be the seller of record for products. Test out your products before selling and tag yourself on invoices, slips, and other info on your products.

Amazon can see all your sales information. Unfortunately, it limits you in terms of customization of your site.

Dropshipping on eBay

You can sell used and new products.

eBay has no monthly costs but it charges when you list a product and sell items. It doesn’t need much capital. You do not need to pay much for marketing for customers will see your listings. It offers branding opportunities.

You can not buy products from another marketplace or retailer to your customer, for example, from AliExpress to eBay, or else you risk losing your store. Failure to adhere to eBay’s policy might lower your store ratings or get your store suspended. To dropship on eBay you have to process orders from a wholesale supplier.

Dropshipping on AliExpress

Aliexpress has low prices than other market platforms such as Amazon,eBay, and so on. You can dropship items with very low MOQ to platforms that allow it such as Amazon, for a greater profit margin. What I mean is you can list earrings on Amazon at the price of $10 and source it from AliExpress at the price of $3.Which means you make a profit of $7.

Lovely ,right?

No hoarding products just mediating. However, you need to pay attention to delivery service and find the most credible supplier. Make sure the store product has a good rating and also test out how long it takes to ship the product to avoid difficulties.

Dropshipping on Orbelo

You can get a broad range of products too from Orbelo. They let you import products to your Shopify store. Orbelo’s Explorer plan is 100 percent free and you can use it for a vast number of orders.

Orbelo has a forever free option. There is a 500 product cap , after that, you need to upgrade to the Basic package at $29.90.

Orbelo can be used to operate your store from any country and it is accessible in various languages such as French, Spanish, and German. Orbelo is restricted to the Shopify platform but there is a tool you can use on your website.

Dropshipping on Jumia

Open a store, purchase your products from preferably China. As soon as your product arrives, apply for Jumia Express. Your product will reach the Jumia warehouse and whenever you receive an order, they handle the order fulfillment.

Jumia is based in Africa and it is a platform that is still growing. You can sell anything except medical items, tobacco, and weapons.

Dropshipping on Shopshipshake


With SSS you can source your items from 1688 which is a Chinese market platform.It is easy to open a store ,you can register using your phone number or your Facebook.

SSS offers people in South Africa best prices by connecting them to factories in China.

If you find this helpful ,please don’t keep it to yourself .Share it with your friends and family .

Happy Dropshipping 😃

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