35+ businesses to start from home during lockdown

In need of a business idea? Here is a list of businesses you can start from home. You can start them as side hustles or full-time businesses.

Home-based businesses need less capital usually because people utilize resources that are already available such as space, machinery, energy or manpower and so on.

I encourage you to discover your passion and do some research. Check if they are any rules and regulations in your area for the home business that you will choose. Choose something that you are good at. Check if your area is feasible for the chosen business or not. Look for competitors so you can know what they provide and their prices before deciding on yours. Make sure you choose a profitable business because we aim to make a profit and not to lose money.

Businesses to start from home

BAking business

If you want to learn how to bake, YouTube is your friend. If you are already an expert, what are you waiting for? All you need to do is to advertise well, provide nice packaging for your products and delivery services if possible. You can bake pies, cakes, muffins, bread, biscuits, dog treats, doughnuts, and all sorts of goodies.


Whether you live in the city or farm/country, you can produce food and sell it to local farm markets. You can sell vegetables that you can grow at your backyard, herbs, jam production, produce juice, poultry farming, fish farming, rabbit raising, beekeeping, beeswax processing, florist business, spice production, peanut butter making, seed supply, oil production, cattle ranching and piggery. Unfortunately, some projects can’t be done on a normal residential land but a farm.

Garage sale

Make some money from unwanted things that are cluttering up your house. Setting up a sale takes up time and effort .you have to advertise well. Start by cleaning out your garage and organizing to see what you need to get out. Start your sale on time, start as early as 7 AM. Put signs up close to your house and make sure they are simple so people driving by can read clearly.


If you love kids, starting a babysitting business is very profitable. A babysitting business includes playing with the children, watching them and cooking for them. You have to be attentive and caring because kids need special care. You get to watch the kids in their homes on location approved by their parents or guardians. If you are a beginner start babysitting family members to gain experience.

Cleaning Business

Cleaning business is easy to start and run. You don’t require a lot of start-up capital if you are a beginner. Some people find cleaning to be therapeutic and if you are one of them, this is the right business for you. You can clean people’s homes, offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, warehouses, supermarkets, clinics and hospitals.

Dry cleaning

To start a dry cleaning business you might need chemicals, a vacuum table and steam iron, the garment tags for identification of garments ,storage rails and most importantly dry cleaning machine. If you don’t have the above equipment, you can build up a partnership with local dry cleaners whereby you give them clients for a percentage. When you have enough money, and you can then purchase your equipment.

Wedding planner/decorator

A wedding planner organizes everything from the first ceremony to the moment the newlyweds depart and a wedding decorator decorates the environment. Wedding planning does not require too much capital since you will be working with different organizations but to be a decorator you need to have equipment such as chairs, accessories, tents and so on, however, hiring them is also an option.

Interior designer

Interior design requires you to be creative. You can study online and acquire a bit more knowledge. You can sell fashionable home decor, sell artificial flowers, refurbish antique furniture, sell interior lights and lampshades , start a wallpaper business, sell speciality rugs, stat a kitchen facelift service, closet organizer, house painting, create and sell headboards and ottomans, design throw pillows and curtains .

Web designer

Web designing is a popular home business idea. This is one business you have to know so if don’t know how to, register for a course online or offline. You could easily run your business from your home office or spare bedroom. All you need to do is invest in a computer that has plenty of storage and memory to handle the multi-tasking that goes with designing and development.

Software and Gaming Reviews

You can start a game blog and get paid to write reviews. You need to try out or play a game and then write a review of it. You do have to play enough of the game for you to understand it if you have to write the review it at a certain or given timeframe. You can monetize live streaming your gameplay in real-time on platforms like YouTube, Twitch and so on. You can create a guides and tutorial website, upload videos on YouTube or publish guides as e-books and can host a podcast where you can share your opinions.


There are countries or places where the government or local authorities are accommodating of such businesses. Where I am from, tuckshops are on every corner of the street. A tuckshop is a small supermarket operated from home. You can start the business with as little as 100 USD dollars. Do more research before starting.

Sell DIY products

They are a lot of homemade products that you can make from home. Things like jewellery, resin products, DIY body scrubs and so on.

Fashion designing and Sewing business

A tailoring shop can be started from a tiny spare room in your house or your garage. When it comes to sewing, pretty much anyone with the sewing machine and has descent skills can start. There are many things to design and sew such as clothes, scarves, hats, headbands, facemasks, cases curtains and pillow covers. You can also adjust and mend people’s garment.

Be a personal chef or Caterer

Are you a foodie who enjoys cooking and would love to translate that passion to a business? You can prepare dishes for busy people, people hosting parties and stuff a lot of people eat at home during the coronavirus pandemic so this is the best time to start.You can also start a cooking blog.

Bed and Breakfast

If you like the notion of being at home with your business, then operating a B&B could be excellent for you . Make sure your space is right, work on the breakfast service, make sure you have vital phone numbers to keep handy for the B and B, be professional and make sure the staff is too. However, be mindful of the fact that you are opening your house to strangers and your privacy will be taken away.


Homeowners who don’t have time often to hire people to maintain their yards for them. First of all, you need the right equipment, start-up money and you need to research. You can start a backyard job planting a seed, landscaping trees and shrubs, hydroseeding, interior landscaping, landscape architecture, lawn care, weeding in pest control services. You must have basic landscaping tools such as lawnmowers, trimmers and edgers, pressure washers, chainsaws, and pole saws, leaf blowers and vacs, tillers and cultivators.

Franchise owner

Owning a franchise is the same as owning your own business. The stake of starting a business is minimized and you get assistance such as marketing and advertising. Statistics show that franchises have a lesser failure rate than the new business start-ups. Examples of franchises include food restaurants .coffee shops, car dealerships, housekeeping and estate agencies. Do your homework before you dive to purchase an outlet of any kind.

Moving service

You need a truck, van, or Buckie to do this business. You also need manpower because you need to pack, load, and unload, unpack, arrange items to be moved. Your expenses will be vehicle maintenance, insurance, fuel cost, payroll if you plan to hire someone and payroll taxes.

Uber driver

Each country has rules for becoming an Uber driver. Check your country requirements before getting your car on the road. You need a car and driver if you won’t drive yourself. The business has great potential and flexibility so it is ideal.


Do you love kids? A lot of mothers start home daycare centres so that they can take care of their kids while earning money . Hire professional and qualified teachers to teach the children to give your centre good reputation. You are expected to create a safe, clean and caring environment for the children. You have to invest time and money into training classes ,educational materials , toys , books , meals and other supplies.

Massage therapist

People are going through a lot and need to relax now and then. If you have a passion for massaging and you don’t have qualifications get certified so you can learn proper techniques. To be a massage therapist you can be home-based or mobile. Set up a home massage room. Create a relaxing space, get a professional massage table and create space for you to work. Soundproof your place if it’s not very quiet because noise can be a distraction to your clients.

Beauty salon owner

Decide on the type of beauty business to start. If you don’t have a lot of money, start small and build a team as the salon grows.Do more research on licenses and requirements required for you to operate at home.


Carpenters make a good income even though their job isn’t the most glamorous. You need passion, skills and tools to start this business and knowledge on the type of wood to use for particular projects. If you have skills I’m sure you know the tools needed to start, if not you can do more research on the tools you need. You can purchase brand new or secondhand equipment.

A life coach or career coach

Are you driven to help others? Are you a good listener and a good advisor? Life coaching is for you if you get the right training, experience and tools. Life coaches help customers to be their best selves and they help them plan for the future. Life coaching is very flexible and can be operated from your own home. You can do it online and arrange to meet clients in public. (Be safe always!). It is about supporting people to make meaningful changes in their lives.

Selling unwanted stuff

They are places you can sell things online. You can sell it for LetGo, Next door, Gumtree, Cash crusaders, or Olx and the Facebook market.

Upcycling business

I love watching a TV show called Flea market flip. They buy old items, Upcycle them and sell them. Try to negotiate when buying old furniture or items you need to upcycle for you will also need money for accessories or paint to refurbish the item. You can buy old stuff from thrift shops, flea market or options and so on. 

Consultancy /Sell your expertise

Today’s improvements in technology enable people to sell their expertise online. You can sell your expertise via newsletters, consulting, e-books, webinars, online courses and so on. Popular platforms to sell your expertise are clarity FM, teachable, Hire a chef, Fiverr, Guru, Upwork,, Skillshare, Kajabi, Gengo, and so on

Be a personal trainer

If you have a passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals consider starting a home-based fitness business. Health, fitness and well-being are indeed a huge business. Everyone wants to be healthy and to look good. You can also do personal training online on a platform such as YouTube and you can also sell CDs and videos working out.

Event planning

Events planning involves a wide variety of responsibilities such as arranging food ,entertainment,sending invitations,decor,finding event site and so on.The events business could be wider than that though but good thing is that you start at any scale.It depends on the resources available to you.To be an effective events planner you have to have good communication skills,creativity,attention to detail and so on.

Music lessons

You can teach music virtually or physically at the comfort of your own home. You can teach virtually on Zoom, FaceTime and Google meet. You can post your videos on YouTube also TickTock and the other social platforms.

Coffee shop

A lot of people love coffee, unfortunately, I don’t, but hey it is a popular drink. You can provide takeaway for people driving by who love coffee or deliver to people.

Travel agency

Travel business that has no limit on earning. You earn commissions every time a booking is made. Nice isn’t it? You can sell flights, cruisers, Airport parking, attraction tickets and earn a commission. You can choose to work part-time, working on weekends or full-time. Being a travel agent is amazing because you get to travel all over the world since you get travel discounts. To run the travel business from home all you need is a computer, Internet, email addresses and phone number.

Makeup artist

You can start by offering at the home business opportunity to others such as Avon, Avroy Shlain, Oriflame and Inuka. You can help other people make a living whilst you do too. You can start your cosmetic line, dust peoples faces, or provide makeup lessons. They are a lot of celebrities who have cosmetic lines such as Bobby Brown, Huda, Kylie Jenner, Olinda Chapel to name a few.


Handyman business offers a variety of home repair and maintenance services and these can be both exterior and interior. They work in residential or commercial settings making basic repairs to electrical, plumbing, installing fixtures, painting and patching holes and so on.

Call centre

You need to two main things to get started which are call centre software or cloud-based software and your A-team. You can set up a sales team and a customer service team to expand your business. You can hire freelancers, they can be found in the freelance market such as Fiverr, Upwork, and many more.

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